Economic crisis is not the cause of business collapse

Many businesses today have been brought down not only by the global recession but also by mismanagement. It is not in order to assume that the global economic crisis should only be working against your business. Many managers who are failing today are blaming the bad economic conditions for their poor performance. A good business manager should be able to look for effective ways of handling a bad situation and getting the best out of it.

One of the most deceiving business ideas is that by putting your eggs indifferent baskets, you are going to be successful. Most of the managerial trainings include what is commonly called ‘portfolio management’. This theory supports the idea of investment diversification. This is why managers think that during bad financial moments for the business, they need to diversify their investments in order to reduce the risk of losses. This may not be a solution if the management style is wrong. A poor manager will still fail even in a diversified portfolio.

Many are left wondering about what they should do if diversification is not working. The truth is that diversification should only be left for those who are not sure of making it in one line. Instead of diversifying your investments, you should be thinking of specialization.

You should be looking for the best business strategies that can make you a king in your line of operation. Unfortunately, many business managers view success as only retaining some profits for the business. Very few people are endeavoring to be the most outstanding businessmen.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Did you know that you do not need to always go to a saloon especially when you have no enough time and sometime limited time? What you must know is that you can do any undercover grooming in your house. This article gives you a few tips on the way to handle your body. These are simple and effective ways

Beauty of your hair is essential. People are used to regular soaps and shampoo for their hair. This may sometimes leave you frustrated especially if you have hard hair. Egg yolks are one of the best hair conditioners. This is because they are full of proteins needed for healthy hair. You only need to separate the yolk from the white part. After shampooing, rub the yolk on your hair. After about five minutes, rinse with cold water. Do not use hot water.

To avoid a smelly feet, soak them in warm water mixed with one cup of lemon juice, a table spoon of olive oil and a half cup of milk. Repeat this for a few days making sure that you dry them well. A mixture of beer and vinegar is remedy for fungus infected feet. Soak your feet in this solution. This enhances the beauty of your feet,

The beauty of your skin says allot about you. A quick home made facial is one of your solutions to give you the best face ever. All you need is to mash some few ripe bananas. Mix this with a table spoon of honey and juice from one lemon.
Apply this mixture on your face and leave it for twenty minutes. You will notice the difference.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dreams- secrets on how to actualize them.

The power of positive thinking cannot be over-emphasized. The people who have turned around the world were not the most gifted but those who had positive dreams and worked towards achieving them. Ten years from now, you may not be able to dream as you can now, and even if you were, you may be time barred to achieve them. This means that the time is now; to dream and act towards actualizing them. Do not wait for tomorrow, in fact tomorrow will be late by a day.

What is it all about dreams? Just take a while a think about what you would like to be written or said about you at your funeral. That is exactly the kind of life you will have lived. But you have all the powers to dictate what will be written about you. However, we do not just get to our destinies to have good testimonies at our burial ceremonies but to die as achievers having offered everything that was within our abilities. Of course, nobody would like to die knowing that he has achieved nothing.

How do you dream or what should I dream about? There is nothing like being over ambitious when it comes to what you would like to be. Dream as big as you can imagine. Remember that all dreams are achievable. If you can conceive it in your mind, you can achieve it.

How do you achieve it? It is definitely not an event. You must work daily towards it. It becomes something that you are thinking about as you live and looking for ways to make it a reality.

Dealing with marriage crisis

A marriage is not a bed of roses and even if it were, roses also have thorns. Getting into a marriage with a mind-set that you will not get any trouble can only be termed as suicidal. In fact, marriage is just the beginning of problem. But we can not run away from problems and crisis. We have the responsibility to ensure that ensure that the things that happen to us are beneficial and avoid being victims of circumstances. How can this be done?

Majority of marriage problems may be bigger in scope than you can ever imagine. What you are seeing as the problem may not be the actual problem and so you need to adjust your mind early and get to the root cause. This means that you need to go into the problem having already set to handle the worst.

There are no secrets in this world and both parties to the marriage must be ready to disclose all the material facts. This means that everyone must have the willingness to solve the problem by getting into its root cause. Be informed that if you try to suppress any information during a crisis, it will eventually be disseminated and the other party will see it as lack of faithfulness.

Most crisis end officially with the settlement of some kind and this must be accompanied by a sacrifice from one or both parties. After the crisis come the clean up, clean up means change and often accompanied by promises.

Guidelines on how to identify and avoid unrealistic management practices.

Every business wants to succeed. This has left managers struggling with every piece of information that could at least guarantee their success in business. There are a lot of journals, newspapers, magazines and other reading materials that contain much information on business management. I appreciate the fact that managers are able to access a wealth of knowledge from different websites that if well implemented will enable them to take their businesses to the next level. However, be careful about some management tips normally given by unqualified and inexperienced writers who not only give us wrong ideas but also unworkable and unpractical styles. This has made many organizations to fail simply because tried something that does not apply to them.

Not all principles are unrealistic. Some are just not applicable to your organization. Therefore while reading these articles; you need to ask yourself if what you are putting in your mind can be correctly applied in your organization without bringing unnecessary complications and hence resulting into success. Some of the things that you are sometimes advised to put in your business may actually cause the business to have a downward trend.

You must identify who to follow. Make sure you have reliable and experienced managers who share their experiences in writing. In short, know your writer. But every manager must have the ability to judge responsibly and take what works for him. Some writers also put things in such a complicated manner that sounds so friendly to the ears but proves very hard to implement. Avoid the ones that are so complex

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Turning around a boring life to them one you want

How often do you meet people who admit that they are truly excited about life? Most likely, rarely. The perfect life, it appears when I ask around, is elusive for many. In fact, less than 20% of people existing today were exposed to the right circumstances that enabled them to make the right choices early in life. There are therefore very few who stand a high chance to get the life that matches their aspirations if these statistics were to be interpreted literally.

The rest are likely to make regrettable decisions, influence mainly influenced by stereotypes and parents. This may explain the reason why many people I meet always wish they were living a different life or were not born in their respective families. Given this reality; that the perfect life escaped from our hands many years ago, the wise option is, finding ways of making our current status work for us. It simply means making things work out on your side, at least in the meantime, instead of constantly looking elsewhere and getting increasingly frustrated and hoping you were somebody else.

The first step is, to establish the fine details of the things you hate about your current status. List them down. The next step is to take the necessary and possible measures to reverse the negative aspects of the life you are living currently. You must take time to know where your problem really lies and analyze the possible ways of making things good. Remember that the best way to appreciate life is to imagine yourself without one.

The law on the duty to prepare, lay and deliver accounts.

At one time, the keeping of accounts by a company was considered merely as the domestic concern or an in-house affair of the company and its stakeholders. But that is no more because the modern legislation has been secured to expose the financial affairs of a company. Publications of the accounts sis now insisted upon to provide shareholders with all the necessarily information of the financial position of the business in a form that they can understand and also due to the fact that it is a matter of public importance for large companies.

The author of this article therefore tries to expose the accounting records that must be kept by a company. Under the companies Act, records must be sufficient to show and explain the company’s transactions. This means that such kind of accounts must disclose with reasonable accuracy, at any time, the financial position of the business. They must also enable the directors to ensure that any balance sheet or profit and loss account prepared by them complies with the requirements of the companies Act.

Accounting records must be kept by the company’s registered office or at such other place as the directors may think fit, and must at all times be open to inspection by company officers. In respect of each accounting reference period of a company, the directors must lay before the company in the general meeting a copy of the profit and loss account, the balance sheet, auditors’ report and the directors’ report. These are expected give a fair view of the business transactions.

The law relating to transfer of shares

The stock market has become the backbone of many economies in the world. Unfortunately, those who are engaged in such markets know little or nothing on the law that regulate their trading. One of the very critical areas that every investor must know is the laws that govern the transfer of shares by a company and also individuals. There is a distinction between a transfer of shares and the transmission of shares. A transfer is by the act of the member of a company, while transmission occurs by operation of the law on the death or the bankruptcy of a member.

Every shareholder has a right to transfer his or her shares unless otherwise provided in the articles. As per the companies Act, “it is provided that the shares in a company under these Acts shall be capable of being transferred in a manner provided by the regulations of the company. Such regulations of the company may impose restraints upon the right of transfer….”

However, the directors of a company may, in their absolute discretion and without assigning any reason therefore, refuse to register any transfer of share. In such a case, the court may not interfere with the transfer unless one shows that the directors are exercising their discretion improperly.

A forged transfer of shares is a nullity and cannot affect the title of the shareholder whose signature is forged. If the company therefore has registered the forged transfer and removed the true owner of the rights from the register, it can be compelled to replace him.